Moving house is a very exciting time, if a little stressful on the odd occasion, and there’s nothing quite like stepping over the threshold of your new home for the very first time, knowing that it’s all yours, starting a new life somewhere else.

Marking the occasion certainly seems like an excellent idea to us here at Gmoves, a way of blessing the house and ensuring years of happiness for you and your family. But how best to go about doing this?

It’s certainly not a new idea and people have been finding all sorts of interesting little rituals to bless their homes for years… so what could you do to help make your new house feel more like home?

Some believe that you can keep bad luck at bay if you scatter pennies in the living room when you first move in, so keep some spare change handy just in case. And others still think that if you step through the front door for the first time, leading with your right foot, you’ll be bringing good luck with you.

Or what about saging? This is an ancient ritual that involves burning bunches of sage and wafting them about the rooms of the house to help get rid of any negative energy – perfect for anyone moving into a new home.

If you’re really worried about bad spirits, you could even go so far as to sprinkle a bit of salt in each and every room to keep them at bay. After 24 hours, grab the vacuum cleaner and you’ll suck up all the spirits with the salt as you clean!

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