If you’re hoping to move home in the coming months, your plans may have slowed down due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be doing things to prepare for your change of abode.

As Really Moving recently noted, those who were considering selling before the pandemic could find themselves in a good position, as they will now have time to complete simple DIY tasks and tackle decluttering.

The news provider noted that decluttering “always gets forgotten”, but that getting rid of anything you no longer need or use could be a great way to reduce the amount of possessions you have to move with once you book in your man and van services in London to help you get across the city.

What’s more, an article for Thrive Global recently suggested that decluttering can be good for your mental health too, so you could experience multiple benefits by taking this opportunity to go through the things you have in your home.

The news provider even noted that decluttering, particularly around your workspace, could help improve your focus.

It explained that humans are “easily distracted into multi-tasking” and that while this can be helpful in some instances, when it’s uncontrolled rather than focused multi-tasking it “can massively reduce your ability to work productively because our minds see the disorganisation as a problem that must be addressed”.

In practical terms, however, decluttering will mean that not only do you have fewer items to pack – and therefore require fewer boxes – for a move, but that you’ll also have fewer boxes to unpack at the other end, saving you lots of time and effort.

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