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Buying a new home is likely to be the most expensive purchase any of us will ever make in our lifetimes, and it can take more than cutting out a few non-essentials such as take-away coffee and avocado toast to save some pennies for a deposit.

Aside from the actual cost of the property, there’s also so many forgotten about costs to consider, especially for first-time buyers who aren’t fully aware of everything buying a house entails. We have some tips to help save for that new home.

Estate agency fees

You would undoubtedly need an estate agent for selling your old home, but agents fees can vary, so it is wise to do thorough research.

Typically, estate agents charge a commission on the sale of your property, which might be a set fee or a percentage of the house sale. Some online agents charge an upfront fee, which while less than traditional estate agents means if your house doesn’t sell, you might be out of pocket.

Mortgage advisors

It is simple enough to use comparison websites to find a mortgage that suits you, but you might get a better deal with a mortgage broker. Often brokers are given preferential rates by lenders, and some even offer a free homebuyer’s survey.

A broker typically charges a couple of hundred pounds for their services, but they will ensure all the mortgage applications are properly completed and will help minimise any delays in the conveyancing process.

Sell unwanted items before you move

It’s wise to declutter and get rid of anything you do not need before you move, which can then affect not only how much you then have to move, but everything from how many boxes you need to the size of the van required to move it all.

Also, selling any unwanted items may add a few more pounds to the coffers which will always be helpful.

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