When planning to relocate, it’s important to research an area well before committing to a house purchase, as you’ll need to make sure it’s the right place for you… and a big part of that will involve looking into stats on the likes of crime, so you know your choice of location is safe for you.

New research from regulated property buyer Good Move has just revealed that West Yorkshire is, in fact, the riskiest place to relocate to in the UK, with the region scoring the highest on crimes involving violence against the person. Cleveland, Humberside, Northumbria and Kent made up the top five most risky places.

According to Property Reporter, Gloucestershire came top as the safest place in the UK, scoring among the lowest for all crimes, followed by North Yorkshire, Wiltshire and Surrey.

Director of Good Move Nima Ghasri said: “It’s interesting to see just how much crime takes place in certain areas across the UK, as our research has revealed.

“When moving to a new area, whilst factors such as good schools and closeness to family and friends are important, people must consider just how safe the area is too. Hopefully, our research will help people looking to move to a new area to decide on the best location.”

The government recently released pandemic-related guidance to help those moving home at the moment, with people being encouraged to do as much of the house hunting process online as they can – including digital viewings of properties.

Removal firms can now operate once again, with strict hygiene practices now in place to help reduce the spread of coronavirus. If you are relocating and need a helping hand, get in touch with London house removals service G Moves to see what we can do.

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