Moving home is one of the most stressful things we will ever have to do and is something that has been compounded by the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, even with the current circumstances, house removals in East London and elsewhere can be made easier by following these top tips.

Wash Everything

Your Covid-Safe house removal service will employ social distancing and safety measures to ensure you are safe throughout the moving process, but you can help this by disinfecting every surface, boxes and object that is moved, in order to help keep both your house removals team safe and yourselves.

Keep Doors Open For House Removals

Doorknobs and other parts of your home that many people will touch are major causes of infection, and so in order to help avoid this issue, open doors and keep them open with a door stopper so that the house removals team will not need to open them themselves. This is also helpful during the process of selling your property, as there is no need for multiple people to open doors.

Work With Experts

If you require house removals in East London the London area and across the UK, it is best to trust experts in the field. Gmoves have built their reputation through years of experience setting their standards high and exceeding them at every opportunity. Working with Gmoves allows you to put the worries you have about moving on their shoulders and focus on the future at your new accommodation.

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