Funny Dog Sits On Carton Boxes, Green Indoor Plant Near, Relocat

We know that moving house can be a stressful process as it is, but as soon as you have a pet, whether it’s a dog, a cat or a bunny, it becomes even more stressful.

An article for The NWE Mail recently offered some advice to pet owners who are preparing to relocate to a new abode.

Speaking to the newspaper, PDSA vet Anne Ewers Clark recommended that you do your best to keep disruption to a minimum for your pet ahead of moving day. One of her top pieces of advice is to have one room in your home that is “free of too much change” to give your pet somewhere to escape to if they need to.

She also recommended gradually placing food, water bowls, beds and toys in this room in the run up to moving day. On the day itself, this is the room that you should keep your pet in, making sure that you pay regular visits to them and give them regular toilet breaks.

If it’s possible, you could also see if your pet (or pets) can stay elsewhere in the final days before the move and on moving day itself, to help them avoid the worst of the chaos.

When it comes to settling them in at your new home, give them their bed, toys and a piece of your clothing that smells like you to help keep them calm and set them up with their own space.

Ms Ewers Clark also stressed the importance of updating your pet’s microchip details as soon as you’ve moved, just in case they escape and try to make their way back to your previous home.

Of course, in addition to the complexity of moving with a pet, there are also the additional safety measures that you need to consider when it comes to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As we recently explained, there are a few simple steps you can take to help your move go smoothly in these challenging times, including working with removals experts like us for house removals in London.