Terms & Conditions

We do not tolerate any abuse to our staff verbally or otherwise. Any abuse will result in the termination of the move. Items will be off loaded from the vehicle and the full balance of the entire move will be charged to the customer.

We do not move or store stolen goods, illegal items, drugs, money or gold of any kind. If we come across these, they will be removed and asked to be collect by the customer. Once collected these will be signed for by the owner to prove they are no longer in our possession. 


The quotation given in writing is based upon items to be moved only. There is a 2 hour minimum charge requirement for all moves.

Excluded from Quote:

  1. Removal of carpets, wood/laminate flooring or lino
  2. Disconnecting or reconnecting of appliances and fixtures (this is charged at an additional cost)

Parking/Parking Fees:

  1. Parking fees: If parking fines are received either outside the property for parking or in the post at a later date, the cost will be billed to the customer for immediate payment
  2. Congestion charge: £11.50 is added to final balance if drivers are completing a move in the congestion charge area
  3. Parking metres: Any metres must be paid before arrival of vehicle and must cover the entire time the vehicle is outside the property
  4. Parking bay suspension: If the customer requires suspension of a parking bay, the customer must officially obtain permission prior to move
  5. Any additional documents required must be paid and obtained by the customer prior to move


  • Any storage requirements not included in the price of the quote will be charged at an additional cost and added to the final bill. Storage prices will be sourced and agreed with the customer and cost will be charged accordingly

Additional charges will be incurred for the following:

  1. If asked during the move to do any additional work not covered in the quote
  2. If delays occur causing move to be extended
  3. Furniture does not fit due to size of doors, hallways or windows etc
  4. All quotes are based on information provided, if additional items are added these will be charged and added to final bill

Payment Terms & Revision of Storage Charges:

  • Payment is required in full, by cleared funds or cash before completion of removal including storage charges. If storage prices change we will then charge you accordingly based on how long you have your items in storage
    • If payment is not received we can refuse to off load the remaining items until payment is received

Cancellation or Postponement:

We charge the following for changes/cancellations:

  • More than 10 days before the work was due to start, no charge
  • Less than 10 days before the work was due to start: 100% of the deposit
  • Postponement within 48 hours of the agreed time that the work was due to start: 100% of the deposit

Your Responsibility:

  1. You agree that we will not be liable for any loss or damage
  2. You must ensure you have all your goods
  3. You must discharge all goods before removals drivers/workers leave your premises

Your items:

  • All goods to be moved are your own goods and no one else’s. If we are moving third party goods, this must be in writing
  1. Your items are your responsibility
  2. You must sign completion of job sheet
  3. You are responsible for all items and must ensure everything required is to be taken
  4. You must check the entire house (garden/shed/out house etc) to make sure no items are remaining
  5. You must protect any items or put them out of the way/in a safe place if they are not to be taken
  6. If the packing is done by the customer we are not responsible for any damage inside or outside of the boxes
  7. Ensuring items are safe to be moved
  8. Removing of food items from fridges and containers
  9. All liquids in items are sealed correctly
  10. No food is to be move in fridges or freezers
  11. Drivers have the right to refuse to move any items which leak, have perished or are unsanitary

Our Responsibilities:

  • To deliver your items
  • We only compensate if we have breached our contract to you
  • To provide vehicles, workers and equipment (blankets, trolleys)
  • To provide packing materials if requested and agreed prior to the move

Liability and Insurance:

  • Advise us of the value of your goods prior to work commencing, our liability in the event of loss or damage will be determined up to a maximum of the declared value
  • In the event of loss or damage to your goods, our liability to you shall not exceed a sum equivalent to the repair or replacement of those goods, whichever is the lowest sum, up to a maximum of the declared value
  • Where an item is part of a pair or set, our liability to you is assessed as the cost of that item in isolation and not the cost of the item as part of a pair or set
  • We will disassemble and re-assemble IKEA, flat pack or custom made furniture. As IKEA offer no guarantee on their products assembly or disassembly, similarly we take no responsibility or offer compensation if these are damaged or do not function correctly on dis-assembly or re-assembly, unless there is visible physical damage to the item resulting from the move
  • We do not assemble and dissemble specialist furniture. If this happens and we are not made aware, we accept no liability
  • An item is defined as the entire contents of a box, carton or other container and any other object moved by us
  • If any items which are fragile are damaged, were are not liable unless we have packed and unpacked them ourselves 
  • No employee of ours shall be separately liable to you for any loss or damage
  • Once job is completed our liability will cease
  • We do not modify any furniture 

Damage to household/premises:

  • Any damage caused to the property which was out of our control will be limited to attempting to fix the damage. All damage must be reported on the day of the move and not after the move has been completed
  • we will not be liable if damage is caused as a result of moving goods under your express instruction and against our advice
  • We do not accept any liability to damage or loss if not reported prior to job completion
  • We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to property after a job is complete and payment is received


  • We will not be liable for delays in transit. We choose the route we wish to travel
  • We have the right to sub-contract some or all of the work. These conditions will still apply